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Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Reims

This masterpiece of Gothic art is one of the major medieval achievements in Europe, remarkable both for its architecture and its statuary. Built in the 13th century, it has features that make it unique: its exceptional unity of style, its luminosity and the richness of its statuary. Intended to welcome the coronation of the kings of France, it was provided with the most beautiful facade of the kingdom. Adorned with 2,303 carved motifs, Reims Cathedral is the only church to have angels with outstretched wings, including the famous Angel with a Smile, on the left portal of the facade. The famous stained glass windows date mostly from the 13th century. The three stained glass windows in the axial chapel are the work of Marc Chagall (1974).


Basilique Saint-Remi

Built in the 11th century to house the holy bulb as well as the relics of Saint Remi, the bishop who baptized Clovis in 498. His tomb (1847) occupies the center of the choir. The sober Romanesque nave and the four-story Gothic choir (end of the 12th century) constitute an impressive ensemble of lightness and harmony.


Musée de l'Automobile

One of the 5 most important French automobile museums. Nearly 200 vehicles, cars and motorcycles from 1908 to the present day, including rare copies of the Cime, Suère, Wimille brands, and the car of the Rémoise brand SCAR. More than 60 models. Motos Terrot, Alcyon, Soyer, DKW.


Musée des Beaux Arts

Placed among the largest museums in France, the museum presents rich collections of paintings, sculptures, graphic arts and works of art from the 16th to the beginning of the 20th century



Around Reims


Château de Dormans

14th century castle surrounded by a 25 hectare park, the Memorial of the Battles of the Marne, the mill and its delivery to Champagne tools and a conservatory orchard.

Eglise Baroque d'Asfeld

Polychrome frescoes from the end of the 19th century, which had disappeared since the 1970s under a white wash, have been brought to light. Completed in 1685 and started in 1680, Saint-Didier, a baroque monument, is one of the most unusual churches in Champagne-Ardenne and even in France. We owe it to the initiative of Jean-Jacques de Mesmes, mortar president of the Parliament of Paris, count and lord of Avaux (name of Asfeld at that time) and great scholar. Built according to a centered plan, it is formed by a rotunda and a vestibule-porch-bell tower, which is the most singular part of the building. 

Musée Verlaine

French poet, author notably of Fêtes galantes and de Sagesse, who was considered by the Symbolists as their master. Born in 1844, Paul Verlaine was of Ardennes origin but lived in Paris. In 1880, he rented a house in Juniville, opposite the Auberge du Lion d'Or. This café, which he frequented between 1880 and 1882 to chat, drink, write and draw, became, once restored, the Musée Verlaine.

Musée Garinet

A veritable "cabinet of curiosities from the 19th century", this museum is one of the oldest houses in Châlons. It housed the vidame and was the apartment of a wealthy Châlonnais collector. Presentation of paintings and works of art.


The Champagne cellars


Domaine Pommery

Domaine Pommery ... a Mythical Domain ... Ten years of work, started in 1868, were necessary to achieve the magnificent Domaine Pommery. A superb staircase of 116 steps gives access, 30 meters underground, to a veritable underground cathedral: the Pommery cellars built on old chalk pits dug by the Gallo-Romans 2000 years ago. Each of the galleries in the cellars is named by Madame Pommery in tribute to her clients from all over the world.

The cellars now house 20 million bottles, including the House's oldest vintages, extremely rare vintages, kept in the wine store.

Domaine Veuve Clicquot

"La Grande Dame de la Champagne" was a 515 hectare wine estate in the heart of the greatest Champagne vintages. Madame Clicquot's values ​​continue today thanks to Veuve Clicquot, the prestigious brand of the largest French luxury group, LVMH. Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin represents modernity, daring, high standards, know-how, and above all quality, throughout the world.

Domaine Mumm

1827, the MUMM brothers settle in Champagne. George Hermann, one of the descendants of the founders, took over the destiny of the company in 1853, which until today has become G.H. MUMM. The history of the House is written as a human adventure imbued with the passion of the men who built it. Exploring and traveling the world from side to side, they have transmitted a legacy of a true taste for the exceptional that has been nourished over the decades by audacity and panache. The House quickly created a style and a quality whose emblem became the famous Cordon Rouge.

The Chefs de Caves of the House, worked and innovated in the respect of the tradition taking over their motto of Georges Hermann Mumm: "Only the Best".

Domaine Mercier

Discover the wonderful history of the Caves and Champagne Mercier founded in 1858 by Eugène Mercier. The cellars were designed on one level, with level access to the railway lines in 1870. Admire the famous lightning with a capacity of 213,000 bottles! Let yourself be guided: audiovisual show, panoramic elevator descent, train tour 30 m into the vaulted cellars, decorated and carved in chalk, tasting of a champagne flute

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